What is America's Role in the World?

A growing number of people say that we should cut foreign aid, retreat into our own boarders and/or stop lending nation’s money; it’s not our business to meddle in foreign affairs. Others say we should impose high tariffs to prevent labor from being outsourced. Retreating from the world’s stage will also save money and increase jobs by encouraging people to buy American.

Does this makes sense? Should we be involved in foreign affairs?

What is America’s role in the world?

To answer this question, we should ask what is the world’s role in America?

Let’s take the company I work for; we can call it AJ to protect privacy. AJ purchases products from suppliers in China, Korea, India, Turkey and Italy and then sells them on Amazon. AJ’s goods are sold in US, Canada and the EU (28 member countries). As a result of this dynamic, my colleague’s livelihoods are dependent on the internal stability and international cooperation of 33 nations across 3 continents.

When Britain considers leaving the EU, AJ bath worries about losing sales, incurring new tariffs and currency fluctuation. When events between North and South Korea or India and Pakistan escalate, it worries about production. When the US imposes tariffs on Chinese steel, AJ faces steep increases in cost of goods. At the present time, it’s impossible for me to separate my ability to pay my mortgage from foreign relations; we’re all now part of one global community.

This dynamic has it’s pros and cons. I won’t try to convince you of either. Neither will I say that every campaign and conflict we’ve been in has been worth it. Economic gains can be made with blood, but they can also be made via diplomacy. My goal is to show you that it isn’t as simple as “pack up and leave”.

The economy has added hundreds of thousands of jobs over the last year. There are also a growing industries with a tremendous shortage of skilled labor. Tens of millions of people now depend on our cooperation with other countries; I’m one of them. For me, it’s personal.