I Contain Multitudes, the Microbiome Within Us

I contain Multitudes.jpg

This was a fairly interesting listen. I'm actually not sure whether to call it a science text or an account of history; it's actually both! In either case, it's incredibly informative, well-written and well spoken.

The author brings bacteria and viruses to the forefront of our thoughts; there's over ten-fold more bacteria in our bodies than cells! He recalls the history of our interactions with these living beings going back around 350 years when they were first seen through a microscope in the Netherlands. He explains how our perception of microbes has been wrong, and takes us through an intellectual journey to explain why. 

Ed Yong takes the historical and intellectual journey all the way up to, and past the modern day. He discusses how current scientific research and discussions among intellects can result in sweeping changes in the near future; microbes will be a consideration in both home and office building design as architects strive to enhance our collective microbiome. 

The voice actor was perfect for the job. He accentuated the right words at the right time and stroke just the right tone. He pronounced words with a British accent, which took some getting used to. But I enjoyed the different vibe that the sound brought with it. 

The book was about 10 hours in length. At times I felt like it went into too much detail. But then again it's hard not to with a topic like this. If you're interested in biology and medicine, this is definitely the book for you!