Cruise Confidential

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Cruise Confidential is the story of Brian Bruns, the first American in 30 years to make it through a full contract at Carnival Cruise lines. The long work hours, physical labor and stress detract Americans from applying in the first place, and quickly washes out those who do. That didn't stop Brian. Why? Because he wanted to follow his girlfriend, of course.  

I was captivated by Brian's many adventures. His his struggle to be close to a woman from half a wold away, his experience working in the cruise's dining room 90-100 hours a week, and his description of all the interactions he had with all of the people he encountered from around the world. The parties he described sounded unreal. I never would have thought that stuff went on below the decks while I was on various cruises with my wife. The intrigue of the story was only surpassed by the quality of the voice acting.

Gary Furlong managed to mimic a plethora of accents from the different nationalities of all the people Brian met; Jamacan, British, French, American South, Hispanic, German, Estonian - the list goes on and on! He brilliantly brought the story to life by animating it through his voice. I couldn't wait to get in my car for a long drive, just so I could continue listening. 

I highly recommend Cruise Confidential, especially on audio book. It will be well worth your time.