Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion

Waking Up.jpg

After writing his popular book End of Faith, Sam Harris attempts to answer "what's next" in the evolution of human spirituality. He does this in classic Sam Harris passion, by telling the story in his own voice in the audio book. It's a feature I enjoy from any author, since I can picture having a dialogue with them on the issue at hand.

The book was a short, easy read. Sam is an Atheist, but recognizes that humans need something more than non-belief. He makes his case for a different type of spirituality, mainly through meditation and reflection. It's certainly a fresh take, as it has nothing to do with any kinds of religious undertones.The problem with this narrative is that, unless you meditate or understand the feeling of flow, it can be difficult to understand what he is talking about.

I feel almost as if this book should be sold at a tour where Sam leads meditation sessions, as that would put this particular discussion in context. If you don't understand this feeling, then how could you understand it's usefulness. Furthermore, I found myself curious to try meditation, but not knowing where to go. I suppose I can google it, but I didn't feel comfortable using that method to find a meditation coach, or whatever you call someone who teaches meditation. So I wish the book provided more in the way of resources on how to pursue this.

Sam periodically speaks of releasing a meditation app, so maybe that's what he's waiting for. Be that as it may, I felt like this book was one long plea to get the reader to try meditation, something I still haven't done.

If you enjoy Sam's other works, you'll enjoy listening to him make his case. It's not a long read or listen, so it doesn't require much time. But if you aren't interested in reading about how meditation can be a religion-alternative, I'd recommend trying another one of Sam's works.