Radical: My Journey Out of Islamic Extremism


Maajid Nawaz describes his experience both entering and leaving an extremist group. From a young kid growing up on the streets looking for guidance from the wrong crowd, to a man who begins to see the error of his ways. Maajid conveys his own circumstances and explains why young men and women join such groups. He provides his views on steps that can be taken to prevent radicalization and how he seeks to counter extremism as a civilian. His unique perspective on the topic is one that is badly needed in present day political discourse. 

The audio book is great. Maajid reads it himself, which makes it all the more captivating. The story line goes back and forth between past and present and provides plenty of action to keep the reader interested; it kept me at the edge of my seat. The author provides a relevant up-to-date analysis of the situation surrounding Islamic extremism in a way that only someone who's been through it can. The author both humanizes the experience of those joining such groups while holding such people to task for their actions.

Overall a great read that I would highly recommend; especially for people interested in the topic of Islamic radicalization.