Calculating God


The plot line starts out like this: a Canadian scientists is visited by an alien. Together they figure out that both their home worlds were hit with the same cataclysmic events at the same time. Why? 

If you can get passed the fact that the lead character is Canadian (joking of course :-)) the story line is pretty good. It isn't your "typical" sci-fi story, however. It's more of a sci-fi/philosophy/religion combination. It's mostly a discussion between an alien and his human counterpart. The characters spend a considerable amount of time debating what God might want from them, and why he put us through different events in earth's history. There isn't much action.

Be that as it may, I found the book to be interesting and original. It's a different and creative take on why the universe is the way it is. The author did not proselytize any religion, so far as I could tell. He presented a story line of genuinely curious protagonists with little fanfare or drama. There's also plenty of sci-fi type events, such as space travel, alien worlds and imagined technology. The end was rather unexpected, which is a plus. 

If you're looking for a Star Wars or Dune type action story, you'll be disappointed. However, if you enjoy reading about and discussing philosophy, religion and science this book is just for you. I certainly enjoyed it.