White American Youth

WWhite American Youth.jpg

White American Youth is the biography of a former Neo Nazi Christian Picciolini. The author tells the story of how he became involved in the movement early on, how he drove it's rise and how he ultimately decided that it was the wrong path. I listened to it on audio book.

I was skeptical of this book at first. Having read Maajid Nawaaz's book "radical" I though this would essentially be the same thing, but from the point of view of a Neo Nazi instead of an Islamist. However, I found comparing the experiences of these two men was incredibly interesting and a plus.

The two definitely overlapped in terms of why the two men joined such groups, tactics that extremists groups use and the effects of their actions on others. However the setting and ideologies are, needles to say different.

The book was read by the author, which I always see as a plus. The story was that much more powerful coming from his own voice. His  style immerses you into the story. He tells it as if he's living through it now. This makes powerful, and an ominous warning to the rest of America; the real threat isn't from the outside but from within. His delivery is undeniable. 

Christian Picciolini at one point states that America has a terrorism problem. This struck a nerve with me, as I recently published an article about this very issue. It was gratifying to see someone else noticing this trend, but also incredibly disturbing given the subject matter.

The book was 6 hours. Definitely not too much time to take to understand the biggest terrorist threat to our country. I highly recommend it.