The Looming Tower; Al Qaeda and the road to 9/11

Being that I am from New York, I am very biased towards the material in this book. It was a riveting historical and modern-day account of what led to the worst attack on American Soil since Perl Harbor. Both the author and voice actor do a superb job of keeping the reader at the edge of his seat.

The excellent research and story-telling forced me to relive emotions I felt right after the attacks, and imbued me with new ones. The horror and sadness of so many deaths, the shock and fear in the days that followed consumed me once again. This time, however, I felt something else; disappointment. Reading this book, it seemed like we let 9/11 happen because of inter-agency rivalry and politics. I was filled with tears by the end.

I recommend reading this book. In fact, I think this book should be required reading in school. There are a lot of lessons learned that can be applied not only to national security, but the politics of every day life.

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