King Leopold's Ghost; A story of greed, terror and heroism in colonial Africa

I remember the first time I learned about King Leopold II; his atrocities in Congo. It wasn’t in school. Instead it was a post on Facebook from “Did you know?”. I followed up with some light research on the topic, and didn’t think of it for years; until I came upon this book. The details I read where horrific, yet sadly no surprise.

What was a surprise to me, however, was the amount of lives lost. Leopold’s Congo conquest cost lives in numbers comparable to the holocaust; with the same human psychological factors that enabled it. Group think, cognitive dissonance, racism, and other human flaws were omnipresent. I studied the holocaust in school, but only accidentally heard about THIS particular story.

The author did his research. He tells the story very well. The voice actor brings it to life in a way that captivates the listener. I highly recommend this book; especially if you’re interested in world history.

King Leopold's Ghost.jpg