The Five Disfunctions of a Team

5 dysfunctions of a team.jpg

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team is a fictional narrative that the author uses to address real problems managers face in leading successful teams:

  • Absence of trust

  • Fear of conflict

  • Lack of commitment

  • Avoidance of accountability

  • Inattention to results

It follows a CEO in her effort to bring together a team of executives of which she was recently put in charge. Each chapter gives an account of one of the challenges listed. The story is captivating; positioning the CEO as the protagonist striving to bring together a great group of people that haven’t been performing well under previous leadership.

I found myself rooting for the CEO in a way I haven’t done so for many characters. Maybe it’s because I, myself, had faced such challenges; maybe it’s the way the author brings the story together; likely it’s both.

Although you don’t have to be in business to appreciate the book, I’m not sure it would be interesting for someone who doesn’t care for the art and science of leadership. If you do, then I highly recommend it.