Old Man's War

Old Man's War.jpg

I listened to this work as an audio book. I have to say, the only thing better than the story was the performance of the voice actor - William Dufris. Although you probably can't tell by the selection of books I've reviewed on this web page, sc-ifi is my favorite genre of both books and movies. I'm heavily biased when it comes to this review. 

I couldn't stop listening. John Scalzi weaves the story of John Perry, a 75-year-old man who decides to join the Colonial Defense forces. He doesn't know anything about what he's going to go through, except rumors that they can make you young again. He decides to go through with it, because the alternative is eventual death. 

Throughout the book, John Scalzi maintains excellent descriptions, so it isn't hard to visualize what he's talking about. I'm a big fan, in particular, of the way he described the world he's asking the reader to enter. All descriptions were made in conversation by various characters. He simultaneously builds the framework for the story and develops his lead characters. I found this to be impressive.

I also enjoyed how the whole story is told in first person by the protagonist. It gave incite into him as a human being, and allowed the author to build his narrative in an interesting way. I feel like I really got to know John Perry. I felt sad when he felt sad, happy when he felt happy, and even turned on when he felt it. This, was only topped by the performance of the voice actor.

William Dufris brought the book to life, literally. He changed his tone and speed perfectly to convey the story as it unfolded. Particularly impressive was how he changed his voice to mimic all of the different characters. He was able to bring each to life, in their own separate accent, depth and range of sounds. He performed the voice of a woman from Texas just as well as a man from Ohio - it was truly a masterpiece. Then again, like I said, I'm very partial towards sci-fi.

As if you needed to hear it - yes I recommend this book. Highly :-)