This book was very interesting, but entirely too long - even though it was around 6 hours.


The theory of biocentrism seems compelling. But however you feel about it, it can be explained in 30 minutes or less. Ok, maybe an hour if you want a good amount of detail.

Basically it states that the universe is a product of our minds, not the other way around. The author uses quantum physics experiments to explain his theory. The key tenant of his argument is that the strange behavior of matter and energy at the quantum level suggest that the universe is basically made up in our minds. To be fair, the concept is mind-blowing as it is interesting. 

The author goes over several examples that illustrate why he believes what he says. There are a few interesting anecdotes and through experiments he presents that I sometimes talk about and use as examples to my friends. Unfortunately, as happy as I am to have read this book, I will not recommend it.

The reason I don't, is that I found the book to be highly repetitive. At times it seemed like the author was saying the same thing over and over again. The interesting parts seemed like they were flanked on either end by repetitive information. If you really want to understand this theory, which really is interesting, then I suggest going to youtube and looking up a lecture by the author. You'll get the gist quickly without spending the money.