Endurance: A Year in Space. A lifetime of discovery


I'm glad I chose to listen to this book. It was a very eye-opening journey into what it takes to become an astronaut, as well as the grueling day-to-day life of missions in space. I never realized the less-glamorous side of being an astronaut - like having to spend an entire work day fixing the space toilet. Somehow I always pictured the work to be more cool. But I appreciated the authors honesty, and also his take on what it takes to become what he is. He painted himself as a directionless kid in his youth, who found his calling and pursued it after reading a book (the right stuff). I like that. It gives kids an understanding that you don't always have to know who you are, but you have to continue learning, and in doing so you will find out.

I liked the author's style. He alternates between his past experience in getting to where he is, and his day-to-day experience spending a year in space. It kept the story interesting. I couldn't wait to get to the next chapter and was actually disappointing when it was over. I liked how he had very few negative things to say about any of his colleagues, or even his ex wife. However that made it seem fake at times. I found myself thinking "bullshit, what's he really thinking" a few times. 

The length was appropriate, around 13 hrs on audio.  Overall, highly recommend it, no matter your interests. Great and interesting read (or listen for audio).