The Great Influenza


An incredibly interesting read. This book had a lot of insight into events that surrounded the pandemic as well as the pandemic itself. The book was a detailed account of the heroic efforts of many doctors, nurses and even politicians in the face of both the great flue and those who tried to ignore it.

Honestly, I did NOT know the flu originated in Kansas. It was only called "the Spanish Flu" because Spain was the only country reporting on it. All others censored their press against reporting negative news during WWI. You can find this, and many other interesting facts like it in the book.

I listened to it on Audio. I found the voice actor to be clear, but it sounded like the recording took place in the '60s. I actually had to look up the publication date. The book was a bit length, clocking in at 19 and a half hours. But the amount of great information contained made it worth it. It was not at all repetitive. 

I highly recommend for anyone who is a student of history.