Genghis Khan & the Making of the Modern World


A great read! It has lots of facts I didn't know about the Mongols. I didn't know how much the Mongols affected Western culture, and how far ahead of the west they were in the 12th and 13th centuries. 

I am disappointing the book didn't contain more personal information about Genghis Khan - like the fact that a good portion of Asia are his descendants. But I understand why the author left that out. 

I did, at times, feel like the author was pushing a little bit of an agenda. Like when he mentioned that the Mongols had diversity quotas...but that aside, it seemed mostly objectively factual. The author DID also point out how and where sources of information could have been false in their presentation and discussion of the Mongol civilization. 

Overall, a great read that I would recommend to anyone. looking to expand their knowledge beyond the cultures of Europe.