The Strange Death of Europe

Strange Death of Europe.jpg

As an immigrant myself, I personally struggle with immigration policy. How can I support limiting the prospects of others while enjoying those provided to me through the process. However, it is fair to say that immigration must be handled in such a way that it does not adversely affect the host nation. That is Douglas Murray's point throughout the book.

The author provides excellent incite on how bad immigration policies have negatively affected western Europe. He paints a bleak and sobering picture of the current state of immigration in countries such as Germany, UK and France. It's an honest look at how regressive leftist policies, group think and race-bating can lead to a culture of neglect and lawlessness. This makes the book easy to take out of context.

Because the book touches a fairly controversial subject it runs the risk of being easily manipulated. For example you might think the author is anti-immigration. He is not. You may think he is a white nationalist. He is not. If you aren't open to listening to facts as they are, and making policy decisions on those grounds, this book is not for you. 

I highly recommend this book, regardless of your party affiliation. It's a worthwhile read. I wish it were mandatory reading for all politicians.