The Emperor of All Maladies; A Biography of Cancer

emperor of all maladies.jpg

On the one hand this was a difficult read. It contained many graphic stories of patients suffering through some of the worst diseases out there. My own mother died of connect so it was especially hard. Nevertheless it was a great depiction of the history of the disease. The author provided an accurate depiction of the struggles endured, the present situation and the challenges ahead. This was definitely a page-turner.

I recommend for anyone who enjoys reading science, history or both. The book was not too long. It was totally repetitive. Each new chapter presented a new concept, a new story or perspective. The author did a fantastic job of switching between patient stories, history and medical facts. 

Last but not least, I most enjoyed the synopsis and perspective of "far back" historical mentions of and struggles with cancer (Egyptian empire, Greeks, Romans) and also the modern approach of gene therapy. The author explains all advances we've made and puts them in context with modern statistics. It really makes you think how far we've come along. Yet how far we have left to go.